Shedding the Past: The Medicine of the South

Today’s journal entry is a share from my Soundcloud site. If you haven’t been by there in awhile, you may want to check it out. I have over 150 audio discussions available, exploring all things Earth-medicine. This share is from a dearly beloved course I offered in 2017 called Changing Woman. We went around the entire Medicine Wheel together over the course of six weeks. What I marvel at in the Shamanic traditions, is how they remain truly unbound by our notions of time. Whether journeying around the Wheel in step with the seasons or walking the spiral in 20 minutes, a transformation occurs. I love how good medicine just ignores our conventional notions of what is possible and how it doesn’t rely on the past as an indicator of the future. When moving with the Wheel as a seasonal practice, Summer is the Season of the South, of Fire, of learning the wild and radical practice of shedding the past, just as Snake sheds her skin. May your fire serve you well. *I’m pictured here with Red Tail Hawk. Photo by Stacey Kennedy

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