words from clients

  • Juliet is authentic, raw, and a gifted facilitator of healing. I had several sessions with her to address intergenerational wounds and trauma.  I moved toward healing in those sessions in a way that I had never anticipated.  My time with Juliet has had an unforgettable and undeniable impact on my spiritual journey. I am grateful.  
    Jacqueline Bussie
  • The things I’ve created so far in my brief work with Juliet are astounding. I’ve broken through lifelong barriers related to alcohol dependency and codependency. Juliet has taught me about conditioned tendencies and assisted me to change my behavior and realize positive shifts in my daily life and relationships. She’s guided me to master centering practices that have allowed me to go off antidepressants for the first time in 30 years. In less than six months, I’ve completely shifted my vocational focus. I now only do work I love that represents who I was created to be. Up until now, I’ve struggled with how to monetize the l work I do as a musician, body worker and energy healer. Working with Juliet has guided me to the clarity I’ve been searching for and allowed me to transition from dabbler to committed expert. Her brand of shamanism is deeply rooted in walking with me as I fulfill my divine destiny and live my purpose. She’s an astute businesswoman who brings her magic to healing my soul, expanding my confidence and growing my business. In partnership with Juliet, I embody, in all always, at all times, the woman of light I was created and sent here to be.  
    Lori Thompson
    2020 Apprentice
  • Juliet Trnka is a magical being. I’ve watched her move mountains with her down to earth shamanism, impacting the world politically, financially and socially. Her willingness to prioritize silence, both in conversation and in her life, inspires me and reminds me of my own power to impact the world in the way that she does. Simply being with Juliet invites real magic into your life.
    John Patrick Morgan
  • Juliet is a master in the art of making the impossible possible. She lives what she teaches and what she teaches is love, magic, kindness, compassionate power, leadership and embodied aliveness. She is a stand for her dreams, my dreams and your dreams to come true – through being the ost fun, loving, alive and real version of ourselves. From Juliet, I have learned to believe in miracles again, and to be the instigator of them. I highly recommend Juliet as a true shaman, teacher, coach and guide.
    Rachel Madorsky
    Coach and Psychotherapist
  • This group work so far has been very supportive of my radical, beautiful, and accelerated rebirth/transformation. I am starting to realize this “life/death/life” cycle energies are never-ending, even in one lifetime, and that I find so beautiful. This feminine group setting that you have held space for has gifted me in more ways than I could have imagined, and for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you again for the work that you do, and showing up for all of us.
    Janessa T.
  • Every bit of this has been out of my comfort zone, uncomfortable and scary..which I think means I’m on the right track, ha! I have an unspeakable amount of gratitude for you helping and nudging me just enough to go to the training. I am proud of myself for overcoming fears. I feel like I have grown so much! I wouldn’t be in this place if it wasn’t for you and your amazing ability to see and understand the parts of my inner world that needed coaxing in order to surface and be acknowledged and embodied. You. Are. Magic.
    Mandi Ludowese
what you are
Everything you’ve ever wanted
is on the other side of fear.
George Addair