Open to Receive

Allowing, Honoring and Accepting Quantum Shifts in Your Business

Growing a business should be a wild adventure, a love story for the ages.
Adventure can’t exist without adversity. Adventure, by its nature, requires us to experience constraint and then break out of it, opening into luscious freedom.
The pleasure of a fulfilling love story comes from the persistence of sweet-hot desire over denial and doubt.
Love and freedom describe your nature. Yearning and discomfort give contour to the story of your life. It is a lie that keeps you stuck in position.
You are meant to allow and flow, not free from adversity but dancing and laughing your way through it.
There is a soft power within you beginning to stretch and ROAR. Intrinsic power. Receptive power.
It holds the compass to the business you’d love but felt was too much to ask for.
It vibrates the love-hum of feminine creation codes that express your deepest purpose and hallow longing.

In a world that’s trying to glue your eyes to the screen, I want you to close your lids and open to your deeper self. Listen and feel these words to feel for if we are match

How would it feel to wake up excited about money rather than constrained by it?
Where would you feel that shift in your body?
What if you actually don’t need a plan or a template, but only need to cultivate your capacity
to be supported and compensated?
What if committing to your purpose was all you needed to meet the income goals that have been out of reach?

What if you became unavailable for pressure and stress?

What if you never had to ‘convince’ anyone that it’s worth it to work with you?

How would your sleep patterns deepen if you truly felt like the CEO of your business and not a low-level employee?

What if you could break up with your to-do list and could create your business as a work of art?

What would it feel like to embody the truth that you are a woman who was meant for more?

Or woke up with excitement and curiosity about the next passion project you were investing in versus how you’re going to pay off your debt?

Or to BE the leader and mentor who embodies true financial freedom for those you serve?





+ Capable

Of receiving, having and holding all of this and more.

Open to Receive is the place for feminine leaders to exponentially grow their businesses by shifting the inner dialogue from, “How much more can I take on/manage/tolerate?” – to – “How much more can I expand to receive?”

And it is through this inner shift that everything outside of you changes.

This is a place to expand your personal range in the realms of wealth, time, energy and embodiment in a circle of others who are as committed to deepening the conversation and elevating the adventure as you are.

It’s time to break out of the holding pattern we’ve been in since March 2020. Our time is calling for honoring, allowing and actualizing our dreams.

Here’s What You’ll Receive during our 6-month circle beginning September 7, 2021 (A waxing moon in Libra reinforcing + opening us to deeper levels of harmony):

  • Opening Initiation Ceremony + Orientation Call
  • Complete transformation of your being + business through work with The Wheel In feminine creation, time moves in a spiral wheel, not a line. We move through and entire Mandala, upleveling every aspect of you and your business
  • Private Community Space for e-coaching and connecting with other amazing feminine creators
  • Step-by-step instruction with deep inner work and creating the structure and flow of your business. We work differently. We are not here to sell you on our system or get you to conform to a patented strategy. Your best business comes from YOU. Every step of the way we will draw out your deepest genius, helping you create an irresistible offering, pricing that offering in a way that reflects its true depth and cultivating your personal client creation system.
  • Intimate Community: Weekly group coaching and energy activations
  • Modules filled with guided exercises, coaching, ritual, shamanic journey will support you in creating more powerfully than you ever have.
  • 1:1 support you will receive more powerful personal support than you have ever experienced. You have monthly 1:1 calls, you will receive expert feedback on every aspect of your business creation and have email access to our team the entire six months
  • The 90-Day Purpose + Prosperity Game This is the exact game I played to create a year’s worth of revenue in 3 months. And then, took that and tripled it again. And then again.

After this 6-month immersion, you can expect to…

  • Be Sovereign with money, time and energy
  • Finally put an end to Lone Wolf Syndrome and renegotiate your relationship with receiving support at a deeper level
  • Develop grace and ground in high-level sales and enrollment
  • Have your magic and love turned all the way on
  • Experience massive shifts and upgrades in all areas of your life
  • Grow your business as a creative adventure rather than a list of have-to’s
  • See opportunities previously held in your blind spot
  • Release frequencies of ‘feast and famine’, self-sabotage and lack of self-respect
  • Know how to turn every obstacle into the path
  • Calibrate your inner compass so powerfully that it will change everything
  • Create true financial freedom: How to create the revenue that you want, when you want and in the way you want
  • Mature your intuition so it becomes a trusted guide in your business creation
  • Understand why a wrong action is better than no action
  • 10X the value of your work – not by adding more time but by opening more fully than you ever have
  • Harness unfailing synchronicity rather than cycles upon cycles of ‘trying to figure it out’
  • Finally level up with self-doubt by turning it into the source of your power
  • Go way beyond mindset and into embodiment-creating permanent and lasting change in your state of being
  • Know what the first century goddess of shamelessness can teach us about creating with love and magic

I love being in the process and I am all about creating real results. Working in this potent and feminine way, I’ve seen my clients go from…

Charging 20$ per session to $500 per session

Go from zero to multiple five-figure months in less than two months

Replacing the income from their corporate energy-sucking job so they can finally commit to their healing work full-time

Make a year’s worth of income in three months – not by working harder but by falling in love with their business

There are no guarantees in life and I can’t predict what specific results you’ll create. I can affirm that every woman I’ve worked with who showed up for herself has launched her business to a whole new level, created more money in her business and rediscovered her deep self – all because they chose to receive.
The choice is yours…

Let’s create wild success through opening to receive.

Next session begins September 7, 2021

Next Circle starts January 13, 2022

“You know it’s time to stop living in cycles of smallness. In Open to Receive, I offer you the full intensity of my love, expertise and magic. Living in your natural greatness and wealth will require you to do something dramatically different than what you’ve been doing.

If you are a yes to living in a radically more free and loving way, book a call and we’ll dive in. Please know that O2R is a multiple five-figure investment.

It will ask you to be more of you than you have been comfortable being. Start living the life you were meant for now.”