This is
where we create miracles

This is not: you, just a little better.
This is: you, unleashed.

As your deepest desire is, so shall your life be.

Most people live inside the reality presented by their current thoughts and belief. They believe that their choices and creation come from how they respond to what life throws at them.

You can weave
a wholeness pattern of ease, power and play.
We create from vital aliveness,
not from willpower.

Your past is not a limitation, or even something to heal from or learn from. Rather it is an ever-transforming source of energy, insight and freedom.

You have everything you need, right now, to embody peace, power and fearless presence.

Create the future for yourself and the world through radical intimacy with this moment.

There is an overwhelming beauty of life that is trying to reach us, attempting to burst forth from our cells, from our tongues, from the heart of the Void in a call and response. We can’t hear it when we wait.

Waiting insists there is a right and specific condition for something to happen. It implies the untrustworthiness of the moment we’re in, and the unworthiness of our present state.

There is another way.

It is the way of munay, the way of uniting our love and willingness in such a way that our awareness blooms into a deeper level of fierce commitment to seeing something new in our lives, to experiencing ourselves saturated in the colors of possibility rather than constrained by so much imperfection.








Are you
ready to live in deep intimacy and radical freedom?

Many people are convinced that the best they can do is getting a little less stressed or a little more organized.

But deep down we know that underneath that calculated desire, dwells a purpose and magic so wild it could set the world on fire. It emerges when we peel back the layers of ‘safe and acceptable’ desire and start a soul-level conversation.

If you are simply looking for a way to feel a little more in control of your life or are committed to experiencing power as something outside of you, this work is not for you.

Change does not have to be arduous and slow. Any of the limitations you currently perceive are completely workable. We truly dwell in a field of limitless possibility and creative love. All it takes is a willingness to perceive and relate differently.

Our Work together

It will be a unique reflection of what you would love to create. Working with me 1:1 requires a high level of commitment to the transformative process. The investments range from $8K – $100K depending on the scope that is called for.

For Healers who want to grow their business through Feminine, non-linear pathways, you can watch the free training I created

For embodied leaders and change-makers desiring a bespoke shamanic coaching experience+

“This life is our playground and death our nighttime. Let us arrive home at the end of the day emptyhanded and tired.”


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