Love + Leadership // Earth Medicine for Inner + Outer Feminine Power


Earth Weavers Medicine School

Spring Quarter 2019

This course is for spirited women are shifting paradigms in their work, relationships, mothering and self-healing. It is for women who want to move beyond dysfunctional models of power rooted in chronic output, compulsive achievement and rigid value assessment that result in diminishment and hierarchy.

Whether you are a leader in your family, your workplace, community or all of the above, this work is designed to call forth your greatness and to give you the tools to call out the greatness in the others around you.

In this course we learn together how to source a deeper power and how to lead from the Feminine principles of radical self-belonging, sacred disruption, embodied creation and sustainable bliss.

The call is sounding out for all of us to move beyond resentment, overextension and unconscious martyrdom. Now we step into a power sourced in unity, majesty and love.

Module One // Sunday, April 14 // 1-5 pm

Radical Self-Belonging // Owning + Embodying Your Value

  • Unraveling the spell of overfunctioning + moving into trust
  • Honoring value + vision when you must walk alone
  • Shifting resentful expectation into empowered agreement
  • Plant Allies for Raising and Reanimating Non-transactional Love
  • Undoing the curse of the strong woman

Module Two // Saturday, May 11 // 1-5pm

Feral Creatrix // Embodying Your Wild Intuitive Intention

  • Moving beyond self-imposed limitation
  • Plant Allies for courting your sacred WHY
  • Activating the place of Inner Answers
  • Finding completion with trauma + Feminine Sourcing of Future

Module Three // Saturday, June 8 // 1-5pm

Afterglow // Meeting Abundance in Full Integrity

  • Intimacy with craving, fear and desire
  • Change as a path of power
  • Shaking the Earth with your healing song
  • Plant allies to empower connection to Spirit + Air
  • Inhabiting your greatness as the Servant Leader

Each Module Includes

Written, audio and video content for self-study between meetings

Coursework designed to get you out of your head and move beyond blocks

A community of other powerful women who will challenge, inspire and support you

Earth Medicine + Energy work to nurture clarity and connection

How it Works

>> Each of our gatherings will be in-person at a Fargo location.

>> The three modules may be taken individually or you can commit to the full quarter (all three modules)

>> Preceding each gathering will be materials for homeplay and self-discovery, including written handouts, audio classes and prompts for journaling, ritual and radical feminine embodiment

>> Complete audio recordings of each gathering will be available for your continued use


300$ per module when taken separately // 775$ for the entire quarter

Registration open from April 1 – April 8 // email me at to apply