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Free webinar: Living Legend

What if you could build a

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what you love?

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A free exclusive training with Juliet Trnka

What if you could build a legendary 7-figure business by saying yes to more of what you love?

What is a 'legend'?

The word legend is derived from medieval Latin and originally referred to the story of a saint’s journey - the chronicle of a person so wildly, spiritually devoted that their life became a testament to miracles and blessings.

Contrary to how we use the word ‘saint’ today, the saints were heretics, crazy and dangerous. They challenged the norms of their day with the depth of their faith and power.

Living Legend -

an exclusive webinar

I created this masterclass for women who have demonstrated the power of their work, who know 7 figures is the destiny of their business and who are clear that their path to greater wealth will not be conventional. 

in this exclusive masterclass I'll share...

The practice of partnering with Beyond, that has generated over $4M in revenue in my company in just a few years

How my clients add zeros to their revenue flow by ending self-sacrifice and embodying true submission

How prioritizing adaptability and creativity, rather than the ‘right’ strategy, has our clients creating highest-revenue-months-ever…even without growing their following or working harder

The industry norm that must be broken to create consistent $50 - $100K months

The simple and powerful practices my clients implement to go from over-functioning and struggling, to creating euphoric financial freedom….all without self-sacrifice, massive social media presence, fame or any of the other things you are ‘supposed to do’ to create a thriving business 
AND….how they do all this while radically deepening their authenticity and magic - even if they feel bottlenecked for time and energy

Access Untapped Potential: discover and monetize the stores of wealth within your being and your life.

The word legend is derived from medieval Latin and originally referred to the story of a saint’s journey

"our clients employ simple, powerful practices to go from the struggle of over-functioning to the euphoria of financial freedom - all without self-sacrifice, the pressure to build a social media presence, or any other conventional expectations around the concept of success." - Juliet Trnka

An Exclusive Offering, Presented by Juliet Trnka 

Juliet Trnka is a coyote shaman on a mission to liberate women into embodying the poetry and abundance of their own powerful Being. Guiding her clients from separateness and scarcity to tasting the sweetness of the Self, Juliet's passion is empowering entrepreneurial women to reclaim the presence of money as a spiritual sanctuary.  

Hi beautiful, I'm Juliet!

Best-selling author, Forbes Business Council member, Wealth Mentor, Founder of Direct Knowing 

I built Direct Knowing out of a concept of approach after working with some of the most influential leaders on the planet. This is a global wealth mentorship offering rooted in the belief that a 7-figure business is a side effect of relentlessly choosing what you love. 

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