Keeping our spiritual immune systems strong

Our shared landscape is dominated by so many shapes, some familiar and some that we’ve never seen before.

The corona virus seems new, but our human challenges with uncertainty, and the habituated tendencies that come forth in times of increased pressure are songs older than time.

The emergence of rage, sorrow, passion, love and yearning that erupt along lines where self ends and other begins can catch us by surprise, but they are cyclical expressions we can learn to anticipate. We can ready ourselves to meet them with resilient willingness.

Much of the information we give our attention to arrives through two-dimensional screens and in the form of statistics – who has been counted as sick, recovered, well. How many are giving or taking.

But there is another stream of guidance and counsel. Intimacy, relationship – what is actually happening at the intersection of who I am and who I’ve been. Who I’m becoming and who I’d like to become. How I perceive you and how you actually are.

In corona, less attention has been paid to the relationship between our bodily immune systems and the intelligence that is this virus. But one of the lovecrafts of our time is to understand immunity, as it expresses both physically and subtly. While the events of our moment may be loud, at some point the will give way to a new normal. Our immunity, particularly our spiritual immunity, will be a  player in how we experience both the chaos/opening and the new shape that is born from it.

Immunity, though often related to as an individual thing, is really a community effort, from top to bottom. Outwardly, the environments we live in will shape our immunity. The moisture or dryness of the air, the particulates in the water, the temperature all impact the coherence of a system meant to interpret what is me and not me, what I can allow and what must go no further.

Inside of our bodies, the immune system is far more complex than most people know, comprised not only of the white cells we might know about in our blood, but vast communities of little cells that we share know DNA with, that comprise our microbiomes.

Our immunity is shaped by generational factors – not only the DNA predispositions we’ve inherited, but the epigenetic factors in our experience, and those of our ancestors, that signal the optimal expression of our traits for the world which we live in.

And just like the physical heart has an energetic counterpart, so too does our physical immune system have its spiritual sister – the subtle aspect that profoundly influences our experience of meaning, purpose, value and possibility.

As much as this physical virus and social unrest has impacted us, it’s the untended and unseen spiritual illnesses that are the foundation of our struggles.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll serve as your curandera, sharing some of my most beloved tools, perspectives and coyote lovesongs to help you author a living, dynamic relationship between your conscious longings and your unconscious mythology. It is a service to the greater creativity, presence and love-fueled daring that our time and the generations to come, are calling for.


Download the Digesting Psychic + Emotional Debris Workbook here.