I choose love (happy equinox)

Today we cross the threshold not only into a new season, but into the dark half of the year (in the northern hemisphere). We move from a time of extroversion, outward growth and visibility to a growing predominance of living inside our own skin, becoming intimate with our depths. If the light half of the year is a shout and a chorus of song, the dark half of the year is a whisper, a prayer and a sage silence.

This day though, this equinox, is really neither of those things – neither fully the ways of dark nor of light. Often understood as one of the only true moments of balance in our earthly experience, equinox is a time of choosing. It is a time of becoming less responsible and more accountable.

Equinox is a time to choose.

It’s a time to see not that we always have a choice and that we are, indeed, always choosing.

It’s a time to feel into our bones that our choices have impact.

It’s a time to step into the liminal space, to let our peripheral gaze widen and to see the many, many places where we’ve mistaken our choosing for ‘have to’ or ‘that’s just the way it is’.

Our pre-industrial ancestors knew and felt the impact of their choices at the equinox time. They knew that if they did not preserve adequate rations to see them through the winter, the family might starve. They were keenly in tune with how their direct action and ability to be in touch with life would set forth a season of continued abundance or scarcity.

They also knew that too much extra wouldn’t serve either. The coming winter is a time of connecting to what is truly essential and being clear about the amount of energy that available to sustain and support true health and love. Releasing what is extra opens energy for individual immunity and vital community connection and care.

Our ancestors knew that life does not happen to use, it happens from us. It happens from where we place our attention and the actions that we take. It’s our love that expands or contacts the world; it’s not the world that dictates the measure of our love.

Though most of us are far removed from the realities of loving accountability that our ancient ones knew so well, our choices are no less important in shaping our seasons ahead. This is a time of bold choosing as a path of honoring the future self and future would we seek to create.

As you turn towards your metaphorical winter cave, what are the provisions that you will require? What type of connection genuinely nourishes you? What do you want to feed your senses in the coming months? What would you like more of? What do you seek to create and give birth to on the horizon of spring? What do you want to elevate in your mind and heart?

And what is plainly extra? Where is the over-functioning, the hypervigilance holding you apart from the magic and love of your being? Where do you weaponize your energy into judgement and what actions must you take now to demilitarize your emotional and energetic being? Where can armoring give way to softness? What must be yielded to create that pliancy?

One choice I’m making today is to elevate my sister on the path, Eos Koch.

Eos is a web designer who works with the energy of the yearly wheel to support her clients in creating incredible, soulful websites. She stands for your website being the energetic home of your business online. She also recently wrote a book called The Soul of Business, where she supports the reader in navigating experiencing the growth of their business as a journey through the chakras.

Eos cocreated my website with me and I was continuously struck by her gentle but profound insight and her deep feminine approach that is simultaneously organized and sound. She is a perfect support for anyone who knows they need a website but don’t want it to feel impersonal or overly salesy.

Eos is beginning a web design circle in October where she actually leads women in creating their own websites, soulfully. You don’t need to be a designer or a tech wiz. It’s a high touch, transformational feminine creation circle. You can find out more about it here.

I want you to know that I’m not an affiliate with Eos. I don’t make any revenue from your yes to her incredible course. I don’t have any issue with affiliates, but my purpose here is magic. I choose to speak about Eos because she is awesome. I speak of her because I choose to sound my voice in support of beauty, creativity and true power. I refuse to waste my breath on gossip or shadowy projections or ill. My breath is my life. It is what I have. I choose to use it as wisely as I can, to give love to life.

Your voice is powerful.

Give it to praise today in whisper or laughter or roar.

Give with steadiness or with your knees shaking.

Let your voice and your choice shake the earth today with the joy that is your being.

Create the coming time of dark as what your loving declares it to be, not what you fear says it could be.

Be bold, my friends. Be love.

With the love of the ancients,