Heaven on Earth // From Relationship Hell to Relationship Magic

Ceremonial Healing Retreat // January 19, 2019

With Juliet Trnka + John Lulay

Being human is a miracle. Being human is tricky. How often have you wondered, “Do I actually have what it takes to be in relationship? Does the other? Will we ever heal this or do I just have to settle? Does accepting my partner mean my needs can’t get met?” We are in a time when more and more people have the desire and willingness to move their relationships out of narratives or division and blame. As we notice the real impacts of this framing, we are determined to find another way. What I’ve noticed, in my personal life and as a healer, is that we often default to framing our challenges in regards to ‘the kind of person I am/you are’ instead of noticing where we or the other simply lack a skillset. We are more likely to tell ourselves that the other person doesn’t love us, doesn’t care or isn’t interested in growth instead of recognizing that they, or we, simply lack tools. As we develop the necessary skillsets to create more genuinely human space, we find that joyful, mutually supportive relationship is a reality we create. When we actively tend the fissures within, the natural result is that we become safer people. We feel a sense of safety and congruency in our lives, we presume collaboration rather than conflict. To be able to experience unity and bliss with the other, we must first reweave the fragmented pieces within. There is a vast reservoir of effective medicines for this level of healing and whole-making. Our ancient ancestors developed technologies that had to be reliable. And these technologies worked, otherwise we would not be here! This Retreat Includes:
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony to open the heart and nurture trust
  • Andean Energy Medicine work that reintegrates and honors the Holy Masculine and Divine Feminine
  • Radical Communication practices sourced in NVC and Shamanic Council to rebuild bridges of trust
  • Yoga-based movement practice to reawaken the experience of our body temples as pleasurable and sacred
  • A holistic snack and nourishment ritual to put us in touch with our senses
Who is This Retreat For?
  • Anyone who feels inner fragmentation and desires to know what it feels like to make whole
  • Those who want reliable skills to improve all their relationships
  • People who feel the impact of consistent cultural, political or familial conflict
  • Anyone who simply desires greater skills for intimacy and pleasure
Details: Time + Date: Saturday, January 19 // 1pm-6pm Location: Moorhead Massage + Wellness // 202 8th St S, Moorhead, MN 56560 Investment: Before January 1: 125$ After January 1: 140$ >> Registration Closes January 10<<
Please be sure of your purchase as refunds and transfers are not available. ____________________ Juliet Trnka is a Feral Health Practitioner and Plant Priestess. Through ancient medicine tools and sacred lineage work, often referred to as Shamanism, she guides her clients and students in dismantling the pain of cultural conditioning and personal trauma and helps them to re-wild, to claim the natural states of joy, interdependency, compassion and power. By working with the medicine tools shared by all our ancient ancestors, we find a well-worn and reliable path of healing. John Lulay is metal magician, crafting sculpture with molten fire. He is an archer and a lover of life. He is a man forging his own healing path in connection to his HP. Juliet and John have been partners, in various forms, for 10 years. They have been married, divorced and reunited. They have raised children and sometimes raised hell. Through the miracle of their partnership they joyfully share their experience of healing and vulnerability with others. *image by Fabian Bazanegue