Healing Is The Choice We Make

Fully inhabiting the precious, complex ritual of our own life is perhaps the most incredible task we are charged with. Moment by moment, we can feel the undercurrent of ‘the real me’ – that deeper curve that shapes the hidden landscape beneath the surface. Yet so often the most exterior level of our being feels less dance than all-out-sprint, escape or elaborate attempt at hiding who we truly are. Often this is happening before we feel we’ve even had the chance to make a choice about it. Healing is the choice we can make, not so much a choice to see the good in things, thought that can be helpful when the span of our emotions feels tensile and narrow. Healing is a choice we make to let it all in and let it all out, to put an end the gate-keeping ourselves from the totality of our magic, mystery, power and ache. Healing is choice we make to be all of what we are, and to trust that that is always enough and that it is ok. The most common threshold I am crossing with clients is the one reclaiming an atrophied ability to say what is true. There can be an old vow, that only the polished ‘acceptable’ voices are allowed to speak. It is difficult to own the places where we just feel jealous, and just sore, resentful and judgmental. It’s easier to locate a feeling or sensation that we feel more certain won’t leave us cut off or cast out. This fear of being cast out is very real. It’s in our ancestral DNA. Long, long, long ago, before technology and iphones, if you were cast out of the tribe or the village, you were most likely going to die out in the wildnerness. And while there is certainly the ego’s concerns with being acceptable, there’s something deeper in our longing to belong to one another. And there is something deeper in wanting our (just as valid) need to be sovereign even as we belong to be ok too. The major events in our lives require that we make conscious choice in what to hold and what to release in order for transformation to be complete. Healing is a choice we make, and our souls are calling at us to not base our personal engagement in healing on whether or not we feel skillful or ‘fine’ in this moment. Our choice to invest in our real life is something that we can do as an act of power. There are many manifestations of generational wounds, passed down from mother to daughter, father to son, time and again. Often, because the narrative of the over-culture, we can miss the connection. Symptoms of Generational Wounding
  • Unexplained pain or disease, especially when it mirrors a family member
  • Unhealthy habits or compulsions that don’t give you any satisfaction at all, you may even feel remorseful as you enact the behavior
  • Have gone through divorce as a child or as an adult
  • Feel a frequent need to rescue or caretake others
  • Experience anxiety in your close family relationships or with those ‘in power’Are disconnected from your ancestral heritage
  • Sense you carry unprocessed grief, even if you don’t know the origin
  • Have low energy
  • Experience substance abuse, reliance or addiction in a family member or yourself
  • Have chronic pain
  • Constant worry about a family member I am offering a package of three Shamanic Healing Sessions at 50% off my usual rate, through October 5. I have only 5 more spaces available for this specific healing experience and it would be my honor to facilitate clearing the heavy energy that may have inhibited the natural strength, radiance and joy of your line from being lived now.                                                  This is an opportunity to make meaningful choice in the places where you are unwilling to repeat the tired old programs of the past. Package Includes
  • Dream Yoga: A shamanic practice that not only allows you to recover lost vital energy and heal soul fragmentation, but a reliable way to claim the precise, specific and personal tools that you need to shed patterns of reactivity and ‘trying not to rock the boat’ and instead enjoying your life on your own terms, with intimacy, power and heart
  • Spiritual Release Ritual: Make a healthy and permanent separation from the dense energies of others in your ancestral line and family of origin
  • Adrenal Reset Therapy: Release your body from perpetual fight/flight/freeze and bring your limbic system back into harmonic convergence with the energy field and love of the Earth
  • 3, 90-minute healing sessions, in-person or remote