Earth Medicine Survival Skills for Winter

Winter Survival Guide Audio:

This winter, all signs point to a need to see our healing as non-negotiable. This is not only true on the personal level, but the transpersonal. In Earth Medicine, as in ayurveda and other healing lineages, the individual (and her potential for health and fulfillment) are not in any way separate from the home, family and community vibration. As much as we need to know and experience our sovereignty, we benefit from understanding that how we contribute to and receive from our environment has a lasting impact. Rather than adopting a crouching, defensive posture that seeks to protect ourselves from danger, Earth Medicine advocates taking personal responsibility, both for how we are able to tend the spaces we belong to and also in knowing what we arrive with. Earth Medicine is a body of wisdom that possesses practical alchemical tools for healing consumerism, broken relationships, broken bodies and despair. It can be called on to mend chronic pain as well as nurture us back to health and vibrancy when we feel overcome by the perceived negatives or harms in our emotional body, family dynamics and social challenges. I created this audio to be medicinal for you and it is my deepest hope that it provides something of value. If it added inspiration or support to you, please comment below and share your experience.