Doing Less Won’t Save You. Neither Will Doing More. Here’s What Will

Part One 

Hello beautiful Earth-walker. Let me invite you, through this portal of words, into the soul space beyond all that you think you are, everything you believe defines your possibilities, all the way back to the dance of your Original Self: the Self that is defined by nothing at all and is less a solid identity and more an ecstatic shuffle and shimmy that is uniquely you. Welcome home. We begin the journey to this Original Self with body and breath. So, just now, close your eyes and remember: you have a body. Feel its rhythms and cycles. When you feel ‘in’ then call the breath. Call it in like a lover- scintillatingly wild, singularly alive. Be nourished by its primal partnership with your heart. Now that we’ve actually arrived, we can find out how to save ourselves. Step One: Understand you don’t need to be saved. I know very well, wise one, that you may be living in circumstances that, at this moment, could easily be misunderstood as hell itself. But trust me on this, as one who has been to hell and back too many times to count-this is nothing you require rescue from. I remember when I was a young thing, even before I came of age, I realized I had a knack for change. The cycles of one-thing-becoming-another weighed on so many around me, while I hungered for it. Yet in those tender years, I hadn’t yet learned to ask the question In service to what? My life became a series of daring escape acts. I put my own sacred fire in service to what I though was self-liberation. And while the exits felt like relief-at-least, they only placed me at the starting line of the same old karmic loop. In an attempt to be more in line with my feminine, I then tried to practice non-doing, exchanging the driven-ness for being and receiving. But again, having not addressed the underlying beliefs and psychic debris in my system, this simply became a well-dressed routine of waiting to be rescued. I was deflated, both in my action, as well as my inaction. It wasn’t until I until I adopted a perspective of certainty around everything in my life being a gift, that it revealed itself as such. As long as we willingly draw a line down the middle of our lives with the ‘good and desirable’ on one side and the ‘bad and best avoided’ on the other, we will always feel a split. Liberation comes from moving into deeper intimacy with your life, not from a more clever separation. In Shamanic understanding, there is a recognition that we call in every single thing we experience. There is no illness, pain, energy or conflict that we did not agree to first. So when we look at our lives and find something amiss, when we feel almost a disbelief that we could be navigating through wrote patterns of control and diminishment, perhaps a better question than, what is going to save me from this, is what part of me is calling this in, and why? And we need to know that getting naked with our circumstance doesn’t remove our choice-ever. But life does begin to look a lot different when we open ourselves to receive the gift that pain brings, even as we make conscious choice to live differently. We acknowledge that on some level, we called in the circumstance, and we acknowledge that we can call in differently. We feel and release, open and close, like the dance of the Original Self. Stay tuned: Part two unfurls its petals tomorrow…. *image by Jodi Regan

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