Dear Coyote // A Wild Woman’s Advice Column


Dear Coyote, there is so much negative energy. I feel like I see conflict whenever I turn on the news or go on social media. I feel bombarded by the negativity in my work place. What’s worse is that despite my best efforts, I still feel a lot of negativity inside myself and feel vulnerable to bad habits. I worry that those I love don’t get the best of me. How can I free myself of the negativity and bad habits?


Sacred, wild two-footling, here I say my answer. How long have ye scraped yer soft claws in the dirt and rocky pit of escape? Time now to stop the crawling. Time now to see how ye dug this pit, this chasm between some things and other things. To be free of negativity is not to learn how to run faster, or to run while chanting a mantra. Are yer legs not tired? When did we think freedom come as a result of a going away, instead of a coming? The way of being free of negativity and bad habits is to simply stop naming things like, ‘negative’ and ‘positive.’ Stop yer utterance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ about your actions and ways, as if they were words that had meaning at all. When ye stop calling a tree, ‘good tree’ or ‘bad tree’, you can see plainly, even with yer human eye, that it be just trees that surround you. Just trees, being trees. We coyotes have no name for a ‘bad tree.’ We see how it gave shade when we were feeling the sun a scald, we can notice it gave our ears something to hear when we were lonely and in need of listening. We see that everything has its purpose. When anything happens to ye, whether it seem good or bad, even if it be a death song, notice what feelings flow under it. Everything you have is cuz ye called it. How did ye call these negative people? What is the gift it brings? When ye stop yer fighting and clawing and running and see the gift in all that be, yer freedom you’ll find, because it be freedom with, not freedom from. *image from Frank Schulenberg

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