The Seer’s Edge

Many of us find ourselves saying ‘no’ too often. To others, but most importantly, to ourselves.  We feel like wanting and desiring things makes us greedy, spoiled or entitled, even though we know deep down it’s the complete opposite. We need to remedy that, which is why today, I invite you to go on a […]

How Taking the Shame Off Entitlement Leads to Self-Love w/ Rachel Madorsky

Powered by RedCircle I remember a moment, five years ago; I was driving my car through the woods in Minnesota, headed to the first big photoshoot for my business. It was a gorgeous fall day, with a rainbow of leaves and lightness in the air. On my two-hour drive to our shoot location, I spontaneously […]

Honoring Perfectionism: What Everyone Is Getting Wrong About Getting It Right

Powered by RedCircle Learning how to not only hear our intuition but follow the wisdom within us is vital to the success we create in life. In this week’s episode of The Seer’s Edge we dive deep into that actual practice of trusting your intuition. Many of us are in a practice of giving too […]

How to Deepen Self-Trust with Intuition w/ Sarah Noble

In this episode, we go narrow and deep into an important topic in business: raising your rates and the energetics of money. As spiritually-oriented, high-achieving women who are on the entrepreneurial journey, we understand that money is not just transactional – it holds the potential to be translational.  Money is, in itself, transformational and the […]

Shamanic Secrets to Raising Your Rates and Growing Your Business

Unlocking Potential Through Shamanic Dreamwork and Holistic Living

In my years of deep study, research and practice in manifestation and magic, I’ve heard so many different teachings about emotions. That we need to honor our emotions. That we should not let our emotions get a hold of us. That emotions are sacred. That emotions are toxic. I actually love that there is so […]

Everything is Happening For You: Why Our Emotions and Human Experience Can Help Us… or Cripple Us

If you asked me why I’m with John, my husband, I could give you a long list of reasons. But the truth is, being with him makes me feel more vulnerable than any other human on the planet.  There’s some sort of cosmic architecture that exists between us that means none of the normal energetic […]

Radical Love: Our Journey of Marriage + Entrepreneurship With John Lulay

Hello dear leaders! I am so excited to have you on this journey with me today. We are designed to be in meaningful, generative relationship with that which is larger than ourselves. We often bring most of our focus to the impact that our family and friends have on our lives, but when you spiral […]

Manifest With the Seasons for a Greater Life

How different do the edges of your life feel when you are creating from your future, rather than your past? What happens when you make decisions from your vision fulfilled rather than your current-moment reality?  There is a reason that Serpent was one of the oldest Goddess forms. As humans, we are like her in […]

Embodying Breakthroughs: Creating Revolution in Your Field w/ Erin Gibb

Have you ever doubted yourself as a creative leader? Are you afraid that your doubts might hold you back from achieving your goals? If so, you’re not alone.  But what if I told you that doubt doesn’t have to be a hindrance but a catalyst for growth? In this episode, I explore doubt as a […]

Doubt in Creative Leadership – Is It Always a Bad Thing?