Belly Breath Earth Ritual

Lay your body down on the Earth, belly to belly. Let her become the anchor. We talk about ‘grounding’ as if it’s something to be done, not something to allow. Allow it. Bring your lips to her rich surface. Inhale the complexity. Let her grasses tickle your nose and armpits. So often we throw the blanket down, we create a barrier of comfort. We don’t want to feel the poking twigs or the dirt in our fingers. There can even be fear, sometimes, when we finally bring our body to the Mother. We worry about insects and pant stains and perhaps even something we don’t even know, just the anxiety of being this close to the raw material of life. Lay your body down on the Earth. Listen to her breath. Feel her heartbeat. Sense her age and her possibility. Let yourself become anchored. Let her body touch your skin. Let it impact you. Let it in. The Earth is what our body is made of. It is what is with us always, yet on so many days goes completely unnoticed, as if She were trivial. I have to admit I’m a devotee. I pretend I live a life of my own but it’s really Her I live for. We are Her and She is Us. I once wanted so badly to cover my body in mud that I challenged this amazing Amazon of a woman, Lauren, to a mudfight. I was apprenticing at Herb Pharm in Oregon one year with about 15 other hippies and wanderers. It was near the end of the season and all morning we had been processing the ancient echinachea beings so they could be tinctured into medicinal form. It was hot and dusty and after months of sinking our hands down into the soil like so many roots, we were all on edge. I was talking smack all morning, just to keep things interesting. In one the fields, an irrigation pipe had burst leaving and entire corner of the area a thick, dark mud. Seeing as how the temperature crept near 100 degrees each day I just couldn’t resist. “I would fight any of you here in that mud, except for Lauren!” I proclaimed. Lauren was badass. She was the woman who used to be hairdresser, acupuncturist who could also bake lasagna and fix a leaky oil seal on your car. There was nothing this woman couldn’t do. And she was strong. She took the bait. As soon as we were turned loose into the fields, I had not so much as grabbed my hula-hoe before a huge wad of mud was lobbed at my face. It was on. We rolled and kicked and squawked until finally she pushed my entire face down into the rich muck and I had to surrender. The farm crew took no mercy on us and decided that despite the two-inch think layer of clay covering us both from head to sandaled toe that we were going to finish the work day. At the end of the day I stood in the outside shower, watching rivulets of mud flow off my body and felt a glop of it slide out of my ear when I dipped my head to the side. It was glorious. This is why I do what I do. I work with Earth Medicine because I have a deep and abiding interest in play, joy and connection. I love waking up every day and feeling, down to by bones, that life is so damn good. And even in moments when I’m being torn to shreds and body begins to exhibit the symptoms of being burned alive, there’s still such a richness to it. Why do you do what you do? Why do get up every day? What is it that motivates you? What happens when you pull those threads? It’s so easy to lose ourselves in the shuffle. It’s so easy to believe that time is limited and that somehow our value is tied to the laundry being washed, folded and put away all in one day. But really, precious friend, when you look in the mirror, why are you here? Whose eyes are those staring back at you? I know the thing that lives deep inside each one of us. That secret, wild thing that wants nothing more than to know every way a human being can connect deeply and meaningfully. I do what I do because I’m just never going to give up this crazy belief that we came here to life lives of joy, compassion and connection. I’m never going to let go of my knowing that your presence in this world is absolutely essential to the cosmic story and that whatever challenge of struggle you are facing, it can be goldmined for the exact wisdom and treasure you need to be who you came here to be. So please, dear reader, dear human, keep your ears perked because there is so much on the horizon. Having Spirit come in and perform major surgery on your life does something to a person. For me it has called me back to the Earth and she and I have been scheming all kinds of new ways to bloom, empower and nurture your journey. There will be new collaborations, new medicine pathways of all kinds and a true Healing Temple, just to name a few. Leading the way on this new journey are the offerings like Healing the Healers that I have created to facilitate a steady hand and courageous heart as we navigate deeper issues such as major life transitions, conscious transformations, healing trauma and clearing ancestral wounds. In short, these offerings were designed to dissolve illusion. So if your heart is yearning, let this be the YES to that call. …. image by Jodi Regan