Being Wealth Activation

My FREE 10 day Intensive on

Allowing, Honoring and Accepting Quantum Shifts in Your Business

Each of these classes will include the RELEASE of worn-out ways and the ACTIVATION of the new frequencies coded to support you in your next steps.

After these 4 masterclasses together, each of us will have experienced lasting shifts with wealth and will have cultivated a powerful state of being with:

∇ Raising your rates

∇ Creating all the perfect-for-you clients that you desire

∇ Receiving exponential energy upgrades

∇ having much more profitable months leaning

∇ ALL the way into your magic

∇ shift into money working for you, not the other way around

∇ adding a zero to your income level

∇ investing in higher level containers for yourself

∇ Experiencing firsthand how love and magic create a powerful business with ease

∇ love as freedom, love as purpose

∇ investing with spiritual efficiency in business growth

∇ Remaking your relationship with visibility, vulnerability and uncertainty and so much more!

We will have four Masterclasses together:

What to expect

☽ We’ll have ten days together inside a private community where I coach you in four masterclasses in how to activate and embody wealth in your business and life.

࿓ Your first masterclass will land in your inbox as soon as you sign up. From there, a new class will be released every few days, each one full of energy activations, teachings to evoke your inner wisdom and actionable rituals to open the portals of body, land and soul.

✧ You’ll have access to our private facebook group where you can learn, share and be supported by me and my incredible team. Each of us are healers, artists, magicians and coaches ready to support your expansion and opening.

I’ve never done things the way I was supposed to. I imagine it’s the same for you.
I came to this earth to break molds, not conform into them. My life is a path of devoted partnership with other sweet law-breakers who want to crack the doors of life all the way open.
We are stepping into a time of opening – a collective cosmic portal inviting us to bring our spiritual ideals into physical form like never before.
The good news of this moment is that those outdated molds don’t need to be repaired. We were never the clay needing to squish ourselves into predetermined form. We are the artists moulding the clay of aliveness into a beautiful new container.
The Being Wealth Activation was created in honoring of the fact that we all just need a bigger space to live and breathe and play within.
It’s time to blow your income ceiling off like a bubble by activating your inner medicine and evoking the ancient codes of generosity held within the Void and the Land.




+ Capable

Of receiving, having and holding all of this and more.

Heres’ what I ask of you: 


As a shaman I value participation. I love to stretch and create with those who are ready to contribute to the journey. 

 This challenge is only for people who actively participate – meaning showing up fully for each class, posting in our community facebook group and being with us energetically.  If someone isn’t participating, I’ll assume they aren’t a yes to love and expansion and they will be asked to join us when they are truly in a place to give and receive.

I can’t wait to create with you!