Being Wealth Activation

Samhain Season

Now we stand at the gates of death. We – the lovers, the artists, the darers, the dreamers – end the trance of separation and build a coven of creation. Our circle invokes the death/rebirth energies of Samhain/Autumn, invoking bone-level renewal, increased revenue, expanded having, full occupation of root power.
Wealth is what you ARE. It is not to ‘go and get’. It is a radical way of being in the world. It is you, taking your rightful place in the community of life and eliciting all the material and spiritual abundance through knowing YOU ARE THAT.
Now is time to dissolve concrete blocks by sending the root of truth deeper, to remember and sing the ancient medicine songs of your abundance, to live as the Mystery of you – your path of greatness, revenue and magic.
This is your deepening and your mighty rise.

Every woman is a portal

Soft Power

Sensual Leadership

Embodied Wealth

Love is Freedom.

I’m all yours…………

This is my gift to the healer, the coach and the entrepreneur who genuinely wants to shed the shame around wealth, power and money once for all. This is for the ones who want to embody and model deep, fearless prosperity and exponentially expand their range in receiving and offering.

We’ll have 9 days together inside a private community where I coach you in three masterclasses in how to activate and embody wealth in your business and life.

Each of these classes will include the release of worn-out frequencies and the activation of the new frequencies coded to support you in your next steps. After these 3 masterclasses together, each of us will have experienced lasting shifts with wealth and will have cultivated a powerful state of being with:

  • Raising your rates

  • Creating all the perfect-for-you clients that you desire

  • having way more profitable months

  • leaning ALL the way into you magic

  • shift into money working for you, not the other way around

  • adding a zero to your income level

  • investing in higher level containers for yourself

  • Experiencing firsthand how love and magic create a powerful business with ease

  • love as freedom, love as purpose

  • investing with spiritual efficiency in business growth

  • Remaking your relationship with visibility, vulnerability and uncertainty and so much more!

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining.

What participants say:

Hello beautiful ladies, just wanted to share some extraordinary news with you.

I was a part of Juliet’s June Being Wealth Activation Challenge and I would like to share what has happened to me since. I have 2 businesses, one is a Heritage Kit I have come up with to put in all of the most important documents that make up one’s life.

My Heritage Kit business was started 6 years ago and it was definitely before its time. I have been keeping it open for years and pushed it. There has been resistance from many out there. Besides a few sales here and there I was paying to keep it afloat.

After presenting it to someone during the Wealth Activation, I now have a purchase to buy 1000 kits! From zero to 1,000 sales. Even in my wildest dreams…..yes I have always wished for it and now it will come to fruition. And this will have a ricochet and who knows where I go from here. I am so grateful, my heart is so filled  because my hard work is being validated and someone is believing in it as much as I have.

In May I told God: “You tell me now in the next month if I have businesses or if I have hobbies. It has to be crystal clear.” And so it is ladies it is very, very clear. The June Activation ceremony we did definitely helped me create this! Love you all lots xxxxx

K., Activation participant

Before we say goodbye I wanted to thank you for this space sisters.

I’ve been buried in shame for lifetimes. And I finally like I’ve been let out of my cage.  Isn’t it amazing I’ve felt like a wild animal who needed to be kept in chains my whole life.

And goddess knows how many… But seriously, yesterday I took a photo of me playing in the grass where I grew up as a child and I felt so gorgeous and happy. It’s been a long time since I felt that way. And I have to say your love and expansion has helped me do this. Just amazing!!!

We did some potent work here led by a woman who truly has a heart of gold.

k.k., activation participant

In these activations we’ve participants:

Go from receiving 20$ per session to being paid $500 per session

Manifest new vehicles, new homes and new relationships

Create thousands of dollars – during the activation!

Have spouses get promoted and receive raises ‘out of the blue’

Turn the ceilings on their business into their floors

Here is what I require of you! 

As a shaman I value participation. I love to stretch and create with those who are ready to contribute to the journey.  This challenge is only for people who actively participate – meaning showing up for class (live or in recording), posting in the group and being with us energetically.  If someone isn’t participating, I’ll assume they aren’t a yes to love and expansion and they will be asked to join us when they are truly in a place to give and receive.

If you’re 100% YES, click here to register and be added to our complimentary FB group.

We start November, 15th

I would love for you to create with us AND invite your friends.

Once you register, we’ll let you know how to win genuinely magical prizes

by participating and by inviting your friends!