5 Ways to Boost Your Coaching Business to 6-Figures

August 24, 2022

In this post, I invite you into a deeper conversation about what it can look like to create regular $10K+ months easily. Because I believe we crave a deeper container of conversation instead of the plastic superficiality constantly presented.

I also know that the deeper conversation gets us where we want to go.

Specifically, I want to share with you what creates exponential multiple 5-figure months and how that differs from incremental revenue growth. Because you can crawl through the mud or swing through the trees, this missive is about learning to swing through the trees.

Source Energy from Your Vision

Exponential leaps require energy. Without adequate energy, there’s no leap.

My path of moving from $5K to 5-figure months was not gradual, it was an exponential leap. It also wasn’t difficult, complex or a lot of work. It was inspired, fun, and easy – this is the key difference between exponential and gradual revenue growth. Exponential growth is, by its nature, easy and magical. Gradual growth is hard, takes lots of planning, and often feels heavy.

So this is the first thing I want you to asses: when you look at the revenue goal you want to create, are you anticipating struggle, hard work, and exhaustion? If so, you are preparing your cells for gradual, beat-your-head-against-the-wall growth.

Creating multiple 5-figure months exponentially is a practice of sourcing energy from your Dream. You’ve got to know at a visceral level WHY you want more revenue. What is the vision that activated your physical body?

When I shifted from $5K months to $30K months, it was born out of ONE offer. I went out on the land, sat down and opened my heart to the medicine I wanted to bring into the world. At that moment of opening, I downloaded the entire program. I sent one email to my list (which at the time had about 1,500 people) and sold six spaces in a $40K program. It was the easiest thing I had ever done because I was sourcing from my vision and letting the numbers support it.

High Ticket

As I shared above, my first leap into multiple 5-figure months came from one offer. And it happened with almost no effort on my part. A huge reason why this is so is that I was creating a kula of 6 women, significantly invested.

I don’t half-ass anything. So I need pricing in my business that creates the conditions for deep commitment, willingness, and vulnerability.

It’s also true that selling one offer at $100K takes far less energy than 100 spots in a $1,000 program.

Pricing is deeply personal, and your rates can be calculated in many ways. But if you want to accelerate your revenue quickly, you must have pricing designed for that.

What often comes forward in the high-ticket conversation is a concern around value – how can I justify charging at that level? That leads me to….

Be Honest About the Value of Your Transformation

Let me be clear: if you have just stepped out of a weekend Reiki training, you are likely not qualified to charge a high ticket. Just wanting to charge higher rates without going on the journey of really mastering your craft is not enough. To embody your craft is an unending series of ego deaths and rebirths. It’s that willingness to be devoted that commands a high ticket price, along with enough experience to name the results you create.

If you don’t know what results you create or why they matter, make sure you are clear before you quadruple your rates. If you don’t know what regular ego death and rebirth feel like, if you don’t know how to navigate them, you’re probably not ready for high-ticket just yet.


What I find more common than novices wanting to over-charge is deeply magical, masterful practitioners who confuse trauma around their value with the transformative power of their work.

So let me say it this way: if people’s lives change by working with you and you’ve been through so many ego deaths and rebirths that those close to you remark on how you’re not the same person you used to be – you should be charging more than you are. A lot more.

Partner with The Mystery

Sensitives, magical folk, and intuits have a massive advantage in creating exponential wealth. We tend to have an unyielding commitment to integrity and authenticity. We have the bones to build a new culture around the truth of overabundance.

As important, though, is that we’re already in consult with our Inner Counsel. When I created this $240K offering, I sent out one email to my list, as I mentioned above. I also sent out four emails to individuals whose names dropped into my awareness as I was creating the program’s overall structure. Again, these emails were simple and direct. I named why I had reached out – because Spirit spoke their names into my ear. Three of them said yes and became members of the kula.

When you are willing to be as magical as you are, without apology and needing others to validate or agree with your magical ways, you will grow your revenue in greater freedom and joy than you could imagine.

Partner with a Human Guide

There is no exponential growth alone. And if you are unwilling to invest in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, it is not correct to ask your clients to. We can only take others as far as we’ve been willing to go. For your client, investing $10K might be a big move. But for you, it might be investing $50K. Keep jumping off your cliffs, and you will always have plenty of potential clients lining up to invest with you. Keep playing it safe and trying to protect your ego, and you will struggle financially.

If you’re ready to step into a deeper conversation about what it can look like to create regular $10K+ months easily, I am here to guide you.


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