10 Tips for New Spiritual Coaches to Increase Success

August 17, 2022

The shift from therapeutic work to spiritual coaching is a monumental one that isn’t only an expansion of your revenue and impact. It is an expansion of your very being. But what does this shift look like? Where does one begin? What’s the difference between coaching and therapy? And where do you find high-ticket clients?

The truth is, most coaches in their first year make less than a restaurant server.

But that doesn’t have to be you. In my first year of coaching, I was already in the world’s top 10% of coaches in terms of the revenue my business generated.

The first months of a high-level coaching practice can feel like opening Pandora’s box of exciting and confusing possibilities. Below I share some of the most vital perspectives to support you in this beautiful new beginning. Because the truth is, ‘tips’ will never get you where you want to go. Success in coaching is a journey of deep devotion, not hacks.

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If you’re new to Spiritual Coaching, here are the perspectives that will take your practice from barely keeping your head above water to miracle-level thriving:

Spiritual Coaching is the end of codependency.

You are not here to ‘convince’ anyone to work with you or to live a better life. You are not ‘healing’ your clients in a coaching container. Your role as a coach is to be an absolute stand for your client’s inner authority and to support the in making the decisions that align with that inner wisdom.

Be clear about your intention as a Spiritual Coach.

What is it that you want to create through your Coaching? What kind of reality do you want to contribute to? What kind of world are you building through your service?

Spiritual Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all process.

One of the most profound things you will experience in this work is the practice of learning from others while not subjugating your power to them. I know many other seven-figure and eight-figure coaches. Each of us is very different from each other our businesses are different. There is not a right or a wrong way to success. There is only YOUR way.

Play the long game (and the short game!)

Spiritual Coaching is not a quick fix. Building a coaching business isn’t either. It is a work of art built on relationships over time. Remember, the person not working with you right now may be your client in two years if you are willing to show up as powerfully as you can now. That being said, don’t wait. Don’t settle. Build your business with structures that can create a year’s worth of revenue in one sale. Having skills that empower you to create exponentially while keeping your eyes on distant horizons is the key to sustainable success.

Know who you are and be who you are without compromise.

Knowing who you are is not a matter of personality or brand. It knows your values and how you live them through your pricing, spending your time, and choosing who you work with.

Discomfort is your new best friend.

If you believe that you have ‘healed’ your discomfort or ‘released your fear’ before you take action, it will be very difficult for you to succeed in this work. Discomfort IS the path. Some of the deepest spiritual work as a coach is learning how to feel afraid and take action anyway, to care more about moving towards your vision than maintaining your sense of separateness/comfort.

Be impatient.

Impatience is a virtue! Impatience is that part of us that knows what we desire is already here; we just can’t see it at our current level of consciousness. The art of spiritual coaching is to expect the miracle now and simultaneously develop the resilience required to shift into the level of consciousness required to see it. And to love yourself and everything else along the way.

This is the end of Lone Wolf Syndrome.

Is it vital as a Spiritual Coach to connect to forces greater than the small self? You need a community of others playing at the same level as you – people who inspire and intimidate you. You need the tools of magic to open you to subtle allies, spirits and the Earth. The days of protecting yourself by remaining invisible are over. Enjoy it!

Don’t do anything that isn’t fun!

I’m not talking about indulging avoidance. I mean, have an active practice of filling your life with perspectives, activities, and people that make everything fun. How can answering a challenging email be fun? How can hearing not be fun? How about hearing yes?

Martyrs make poor coaches – literally!

Every coach needs a coach. It’s a popular practice for healers and therapists to advocate for healing and therapy while never receiving any healing or therapy. Your coaching practice will never experience exponential growth or impact if you are unwilling to receive. Find the best coach you can – the one creating the kind of success you want, how you want to create it – and do whatever it takes to hire them. Pay more than you are comfortable paying.

These practices and perspectives will have you soaring as a successful Spiritual Coach!

What insights are you taking away from this missive?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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